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Emma Lumley is a contemporary jewellery designer trading as 'Silverdarling Jewels'.

Originally from the UK she lived and worked in Queenstown and Wellington,New Zealand for 9 years.

Primarily trained as a silversmith,she was always more inclined towards the delicacy and intricacy of jewellery making.

Emma's work is described as gentle and feminine with an emphasis on delicate,organic and natural forms.She loves the beauty of simple,organic forms.

"My work tends to create itself stemming more often than not from an already exsisting design and so the flow continues from one form to another.I liken it to a natural progression.From this perspective,my work is quite an intense reflection of my personality and character."

Her work is widely distributed in a variety of acclaimed New Zealand stores and in the UK and Europe.She has created jewellery and body adornment for 'The Lord Of The Rings' trilogy and has been involved with the film industry for a number of years.

Emma has been interviewed for The Sunday Star Times,life and Review section(NZ),The Arts Programme on National Radio(NZ) and various british newspapers.

She is currently being featured in Tatler Magazine,the December/Christmas issue 2016.