Silverdarling Jewels 


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Bracelets and Bangles 

All jewels are also available in gold.

Commissions welcome
When ordering please let me know which bangle size you are:

Small.........57mm diameter
Medium....60mm diameter
Large........64mm diameter
X large......67mm diameter

Textured Disc Bangles

Bits and Bobs Bangle

Silver skinny coil bangle

Silver coil bangle

Silver coil bangles

Silver coil bangles

Sweet Charm Bracelet

Textured Wrap Bangle

Wide textured wrap bangle

Textured wrap bangle

Textured disc bangles

Wide textured wrap bangle

Wide textured bangles

Narrow textured bangle

Rolled and textured wrap around bracelet

Litttle Wrap Bangles

Never ending Bangles

Rolled and Textured Cuff

Rolled and textured wrap around bracelet

Honeysuckle cascade bracelet

Skinny texture bangle and silver stacking ring

Bits and bobs bangle

Chunky silver bangles

Chunky silver bangles

Honeysuckle Bangle

Twiglet bangle

Hammered Heart Bangle

Swirls Bangle

Buds and Discs charm bracelet

Heavy bangle with 2 textured hoops

Segment bangle

Heart and stamen bangle

The Strand Bracelet

Bud and disc Charm bracelet

Stamen bracelet

The Jingly Jangly Bracelet

Cute Things Bangle

Trinity Bangle

Silverdarling Charm Bracelet

Bursting bud Bangle

Twisted Silver bangle

Silver Russian wedding bangle

Heavy Silver two-tone Bangle

Silver Textured Cuff

Silver Leaves Bracelet