Silverdarling Jewels 


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Necklaces and Pendants 

All jewels are also available in gold.

Commissions welcome

3 Dappled necklace

Circulo necklace

Pennywort necklace

Willow Cascade Necklace

Jangly Hugs Necklace

Large Shell Pendant

Jangly Loopy Necklace

Honeysuckle Cascade Pendant

Bursting pod drops and pendant

Oak Leaf drops and pendant

Swallow drops and pendant

Oak Leaf pendant

Double bursting pod pendant

Textured Disc Pendant

Double bursting hearts pendant

Rumpled Leaf and stamens pendant

5 Willow Leaf necklace

Honeysuckle Cascade Necklace

Double Pennywort Pendant

5 Teardrop Necklace

5 Pennywort Necklace

Uneven Square Pendants

Twig pendants

Little Gold Treasures Pendants,9 carat

Gold and Silver Hugs and Lemons Necklace

Silver Hug pendant

Silver Hug pendant

Silver Hugs necklace

Uneven square rolled texture pendant

Hugs and lemons necklace

Honeysuckle cascade necklace

Twiglet necklace

Honeysckle necklace

Lily leaf Pendant

Textured large Pendants

Unique necklace

Double Dragonfly pendant

Bits and Bobs necklace

Pierced Heart Necklace

Pierced hearts pendants

Fallen hearts pendant

Double hearts pendant

Hearts and Stamens pendant

Double Pierced and small Heart pendant

Dangly bursting pod and bud necklace

Dangly double bursting pods pendant

Bursting pods and bud Charm pendant

Bits and Bobs necklace

Lily pad necklace

5 lilypad necklace

Stamen necklace

Silver Lemon Necklace

Silver Diamond Necklace

Trinity Necklace

Shell pendant

Gingko pendant

Pennywort pendant

Round Sun Ray Pendant

Lumin pendant

March Hare Pendant

Devon Sandpiper Pendant

Silver Bursting Bud pendant

Large Silver Shell Pendant

Falling Leaves pendants.JPG

Double Lumin Pendant

Wings Pendant #1

Wings Pendants