Silverdarling Jewels


Necklaces and Pendants 

All jewels are also available in gold.
I only use eco sterling silver and gold and 22carat gold plate (where stated).
Please state what length of chain you would like when ordering....16 inch or 18 inch or something else.
If you have any questions regarding my jewellery please feel free to contact me directly at : 

Commissions welcome

Devon Sandpiper Pendant

Coral drops and pendant

Coco Pod Pendants

Silver Textured Concave Pendant

Double Hearts Pendant

silver Poppy Head Pendant

Starburst 3 pod necklace

Starburst Pendant

9ct Gold Blackberry Bud

Poppy Head Pendants

Concave Disc pendant and Concave disc Studs

22k Gold Plate and Silver Blackberry Pendants

Dappled Teardrops neckalce

Honeysuckle Pendant

5 Little Leaf Necklace

Gingko Pendant

Leaf Pendant

Shell Pendant

Large Shell Pendant

Lumin Pendants

5 Pennywort Necklace

Hedgerow Pendant

22k Gold Plated Bobbles necklaces

22k Gold Plated Alium Pod and Silver Bud Pendants

22k gold plate and silver petal pendants

22k gold plate and silver pendants

Falling Petals Pendant

22k gold plate and silver Petals and Bobbles Pendant

22k Gold Plated Bobbles necklace

Silver Bobbles Necklace

Bud Pendant

Pretty Things Pendant

22k Gold Plated Alium Pod and Silver Bud Pendants on Silver Ring

Textured Disc Pendant

Willow Cascade Necklace

Off- Square pendant

Uneven square rolled texture pendant

Pennywort Pendant

Double Pennywort Pendant

Pennywort necklace

Long Adjustable Hugs Necklace

3 Dappled necklace

Chunky Disc neckalce

Circulo necklace

Hugs and lemons necklace

Long unique necklace

Silver Diamond Necklace

Gold and Silver Hugs and Lemons Necklace

Silver Lemon Necklace

Honeysuckle Cascade Necklace

Double Bursting Pods Pendant

Bursting pod drops and pendant

Swooping drops and pendant

Double Dragonfly pendant